ES short term trading 1-04-11

shorting into this 69 - 70 area for ultimate gap fill today but Ideal shorts are really near 73 - 74 as that is YD high area and R1 today....problem is that I'm not sure they will push it up there...

YD close and PV will be attractor I think down in the 64 - 65 area
ON Profile coming into the open. Should be interesting with price right at the O/N highs.

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Got in yesterday at 65 and out at 68.5. I agree with you that it may not go upto 73-74. If it goes, I may initiate short.
best so far is 65.25...I added at RTH open.....69 - 70 was POC and I have strong bias down to 58 that is close to last years RTH highs...trying to hold runners but mixed feeling as we opened inside of YD range but we have a drive down which so far is good for us shorts,,,,
ideally I'd like to see us stay below the Midpoint of O/ 67 - 68 area is key with report coming...
Good play Bruce! If 64 does not hold I have 1256.25 and R1 is there.

I think 64 is holding. Will see in next 5M.
If 64.00 holds, then 69.00 is first objective, 74.00 2nd objective.

Will see. in due time the ES will show me the way.

ES trading 1265.75 @ 10:05
weekly open print will be next stumbling block if they can keep the selling going....still not convinced...air above todays market so keeping a close watch for longs entering to go get that air...not reversing though..
Keep watching the euro. If it keeps selling off equities should follow.
pulling this in real tight into that 63.75...that is OR from YD trade...all air filled from YD now too and odds favor a pop up a bit..just not sure how far!!
Long at 64.25. stp at 63.50.

First objective 1269.00, second 1273.50.
Will see if it works out.
flat at 64.25...two day volume profile looks symetric so far so I think they may want to test 67 - 68 again......standing aside ...biggest volume bar sits at current days lows
thanks for understanding and nice trades
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Good point. My apologies Bruce. I am brand new to the forum and will take look. I will try to give my reasoning in future comments.