ES short term trading 01/14/11

I agree with koolBlue as to the high gap opening tomorrow because it is the only way the ES will overcome the 1283/1284.50 barrier if it wants to continue higher.

Looking at the all sessions 60m chart you will see that it's attempting to make what appears to be the #2 E.W. Notice also that the oscillators are moving downwards towards the oversold area. Maybe they will turn right around the 50% oscillation, creating a short down cycle.

if that is true, then "if awake" I'll be buying above 1284.50 (Today's high) or lower if a set-up presents it self in a lower time frame. Then I'll be holding on to my horse. LOL
Maybe the Asian market will do the buying, around 2AM E.T.

Will see, and as always; the market has the last word and in due time will show us the way.
that was two sets of triples and an air pocket below to take that fade.....and none of them have filled in YET!!..perhaps today will be the day that they all fail and none get filled...watching 3 pm close closely..
Just didn't want to cooperate for ya Bruce...
it had potential but the signs of trend are the test and hold of the open print, the closes above yesterdays highs,the Overnight high and 60 minute all those things had me thinking that would be a tough fade...comparing this chart with Wednesdays chart offers lots of educational value..

Congrats to those who were able to hold for those upper numbers and nice projections too.