Thanks to DT

I wanted personally thank DT for posting the VA so diligently. Thank you!!
I just found this forum after doing a search for Market Profile info. Thanks from me as well!

Now I have a question on the levels posted. To make sure I understood this I tried calculating them myself for ES and they come out slightly different from what DT posted.

For Thurs Feb 3 the VAL posted by DT is 1300.75 yet the one I get is 1300.25. Could this be due to a descrepancy between data vendors? The numbers I used were:

1303.50 1299.25
1303.75 1299.75
1304.25 1301.75
1302.50 1299.75
1302.75 1301.00
1302.75 1299.75
1302.00 1299.75
1302.25 1301.00
1302.50 1300.50
1302.25 1300.75
1303.00 1301.25
1303.50 1300.75
1301.00 1299.25
1301.50 1299.75

The same thing happened on the 2 February posts, the VAL was different. DT had 1297.25 and I had 1296.75. The numbers I used were:

1294.75 1289.75
1297.50 1292.75
1299.00 1295.75
1299.50 1297.00
1301.25 1297.50
1303.25 1299.50
1305.00 1301.50
1305.50 1303.50
1304.75 1302.75
1304.00 1302.50
1304.25 1302.00
1304.75 1303.00
1306.00 1303.25
1304.00 1302.25

It's only a small difference but if anyone can clear up what's causing it I'd appreciate it!
@pinetree: When you say that you calculated them yourself you used the Market Profile Generator correct?

The ones that I post are calculated using a formula written in JavaScript which is available to eSignal users as the DVATool. The Market Profile Generator is written in C# (different language) and each of them use a different math library which causes different rounding and this is why the results are different.
Originally posted by Big Mike

I wanted personally thank DT for posting the VA so diligently. Thank you!!

You're very welcome.
Thanks for explaining it. And yes, though I didn't think to mention it in my post I did use the calculator on this site to figure them.
Hi, Can I ask, how you count MP numbers?

I use MarketDelta software for MP, where I get different numbers for VAH,VAL, POC.