Hello its me...Todd Rundgren

Yes its me....

The ES has hit 1307, YM...11800, TF....775 and NQ...what did I say in April 2010??!!

My Brown/Black/White....White/Black/Brown....does it really matter...friends....you are all my Christian brothers...led astray..not morally, but financially/socially/healthy/SIPIRITUALLY...DONW THE WORNG PATH.

I have told you the future and have been absolutely correct 94% (13) of the time. I have told you in 2008/2009 so many commodities will make a high in and by 2012....check my posts.

Have I been wrong..yes...but it could be by design or by truth...for if I knew the future ( he he) exactly...I would be dead..by the very people you think are your friends....

What will 2011 bring??

Go long NG now..Feb 7 low should be 4.15/4.00/3.95..then whoom...its going to be great....my angels are better than Japheth. All energies have reached 50%...but not NG. This is a million dollar trade.

Coffee...a great high to come. Copper in 2012 will be amazing. I know the high price.

DX low wil be 71.545 by end Feb/march 2011...then it will go to 95 by October 2011..then 41 by 2012/2013...I told you this long time ago. 100 yr ann of Fed "japheth"Reserve...RIP John F. Kennedy.

GC will drop after March 30/Apr 4/18 hard down into June or October 2011...SI....well U look at the charts.

CAD/Euro/SF/BP/AUD...highs into end Feb/March 2011. The drop..relates to the DX post

"Your perceived enemy is your friend and your perceived friend your enemy." " By way of deception I do battle"...Enemy slogan for a secret service.....slogan= snake= Adam and Eve...being deceived.

The biggetst tip I can give my "REAL' not deceived Christian even Athesit brotheren( they is a spiritual being) is 1900 in Europe is 2000 in USA. Go read all the history back then...you will become poorer and poorer in America and keep being deceived till....ReBeL Jesus arrives to slaughter ALL...including the "perceived friends' and their evanglical buddies like hagee.

Then you will understand why I say who the devil is..

"What has been will be again..there is nothing new under the sun." Eccelestiasias.

"You are of the devil, your worship is of the devil, your people are of the devil." ReBeL Jesus and Abraham to the pharisees.

Now do you know why so many "white" folks are so broke for the first time. Black and Latino people know this truth for a long time my amigo. Wake up...