ES...When I look into your Eyes

Fear...pure Fear.

The faking in the ES has begun....the drop can happen anytime, but the fake will contiue till March 14/30, April 14/18.

The drop will go to 1154 or lower but we will see 3200-3,600 by 2014/2016.

Buffet knows when this is going to end. He is a very wise man.

His thinking is amazing...a "Beautiful Mind."

Buffet cashed out in 1966..even though he is promulgated as NOT a market timer...HE WAS THE BEST TIMER AT THAT TIME....THE BEST. He will cash out again..although I don't think he will be alive to see this (tip).

4 stages to a mkt. We are in the 2 stage..UP move.

Remember.."japheth" controls the media/TV/Hollywood etc. so you get all the lies in the news and print and you get scared..while they buy low...and then fuc* you and sell high. Good scam....they got the white against the black and white against the Latino and also Muslim for anybody to understand how they ****88g you in America.

So you want to make money trading? Find the devil then you will know where all is going.

Daytrading. There are only 2 bars you need to know where these "geezers" hit.

Find your passion and you will not fail...after much failure.

'Promise, Problem...lots of Problems...lots of Problems, Provision." For how does the Great ReBel Jesus know which side you are on if he does NOT GIVE YOU MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY problems.

"Provision." = Trading success. " Fear not, fear not..for I am the in me."

ReBeL Jesus will tell you must be a ReBeL in spirit and you will get the blessing...but it will take a lot of time. The Pharisees are watching.

"For I am the alpha and the omega."

"Before Abraham...I am."

Yes reading the Bible and the Soncio Talmud..pits "Good" against..well go read Sanhedrin etc.'Goyim."

This Blue label sure is good along with "Good to your Earhole." Funkadelic

Pips 2011