ES Short Term Trading 02-24-2011

Weekly RTH profile going into tomorrow. Notice the HVN's at 1306.25 and 1314.

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selling here the last hour bar's close...
short from 1300.50,taking one off here 1299.00, letting the runner go...
the nice thing here is my stop is nicely above the red avg on the 5 min (avg is 1301.00) at 1302.00 for a risk free trade on the runner...
no harm ,no foul...stopped
short again ,this time from 1301.00, at least its a little better price!
Heres why i keep beating a possibly dead horse!....
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Note: avgs in dead neutral alignment,so no clue there, but prc band still pointing down, and the 13 min red avg is up there too, so thats a critical area
taking one off here...just in case!
Originally posted by koolblue

taking one off here...just in case!
covered one at 2.5 there! Yippee! that puts me back in the black today
well, i covered the other at 1299.00 ,just dont want to make the same mistake i made earlier! plus 2 handles there... watching to sell again
Thats for sure! least i got a few handles ouuta them!.. Herea one min chart cause it has the numbers to watch! ..dont forget the hourly wants 1283!... gotta get some sleep!..
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