Question Regarding the Daily Notes???

Im noticing a discrepancy in my chart / numbers and those of the Daily Notes. Not sure why. Here is one Example: Yesterday in CL, my charts never hit the $100 price, it came close ($99.95) but never $100. Also, my closing price of yesterdays contract was $98.97 at 5:15 PM (thats when CME says it closes). The Daily Sheets had the close at $98.10. That puts the close at around 3:11 PM?

Can anyone please clarify this for me? Thanks.

This site is awesome btw...
Sorry.... CLJ1
It looks like there's a discrepancy from some of the feed vendors. eSignal is reporting the same values that you will find on the Daily Notes but you are right in that CME/Nymex appear to be reporting something different. There's no way to tell which is correct.
Thank you for your reply. Yeah, there seems to be a drifference depending on which data feed you use, which is troublesome at the least.

Still not sure where the close price on your Crude sheets comes from, do you know what time you mark the close?

Thanks again