ES key numbers for 3-9-11

1331.25 volume spike from 3-03-11

1325 - 1327.50 - zone of previous highs and volume spike in the 1326 area

1318.50- 1319.75- this will be the critical zone as all the huge volume came in there yesterday. Folks will be watching to see if price is accepted above or below that price zone

1313.25 - volume spike from Tuesday that held price up

1306.50 - 1308.50 strong support and volume spike once again .

Current plan is to sell into a weak rally and target 1319.75 on the way back down.....Tuesday was an inside day so we need to be careful in case the breakout traders enter above Tuesdays highs with volume. That could mess up our fading plans and bring the 31 number into play
Here is a new feature CME has on their site. Called "Pace of the Roll"