ES numbers for 3-15-11



1291.75 **** good volume from Monday

1284 - 1285 last weeks low and big volume surge from Monday....testing and running triples down there as I type ******* big area

we'll see what the O/N brings after 3 A.M eastern
was in the process of posting numbers and had big fib cluster at 66-68 ... and then looked over at the chart and saw the drop down there just a few minutes ago ... don't know if that'll hold for a decent bounce (or what news event caused it) ... but thought I'd go ahead and post ... wish I'd had it and other numbers posted already ... bleh
and yeah, after-the-fact posting of a level ain't that helpful ... and I wouldn't have touched that with my 10-foot pole for a long trade, espec. overnight ... but perhaps that'll be an zone (low currently) that'll help in the MAP of ES activity going on thru the night and into the RTH session

I'll blame the posting latency on Johnny Red and Coke ... (actually it's Black Velvet ... just because I like the lyrics in that song)
Nikkei 225 down 1,235 to 8385, not sure levels matter here. Possible meltdown at nuclear facility. FYI 10:55 pm CST
Originally posted by jaclar123

Nikkei 225 down 1,235 to 8385, not sure levels matter here. Possible meltdown at nuclear facility. FYI 10:55 pm CST

This chart is going to look interesting at the close tomorrow (today):
Man , heres the decline i'd hoped for,but much earlier than expected!..Kudos to roofers forecast! A couple important points ..the initial daily move from 1337.75 to 1287.75 has its 1.618 at 1256.75. That, to be honest, was my target for this entire correction and now it appears to have been exceeded! Now the 2.618 has to be considered! wow, never would have guessed that. Looks like i miss all the fun ,working nights!...fwiw, i have just gone short at 1267.50.. we'll see how that works out.. usual stop in place!.. see ya briefly in the morning ,then i have to leave for a while. Dont forget, the Fed meets today!...
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additional key zones I'm watching early morning are 54 - 55 and 68 - 70...One matches up with the one MM mentioned...
O/N Profile.

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As for todays numbers, lets keep an eye on 1262.00 (5 min 1.618),1268.75(5 min 2.618), 1270.50(the 13 min 1.618) and 1282.75 (the 13 min 2.618)...on the downside watch 1252.50, 1247.75, 1243 the Gann sq of nine and 1238 and change.
unfortunately, i have to take Good trading all!
trading .886 is done in the context of the other tools.. i do not blindly trade every .886: doing so would blow up my account.the computers know this.. time and again the computers will gun price to a .886 in the morning WHERE THERE IS NO OTHER GEOMETRY IN SIGHT... let it sit there for 10 minutes inviting traders who are new to the trade to enter,,, then blow them mentor said this'' before you trade a new setup, know that setup so well that you would be willing to risk your family's well being on that setup alone... short of that, don't trade it''