Candlesticks, Pivot Points & Advanced Trading

Candlesticks, Pivot Points & Advanced Trading Techniques,3206,1058+35495,00.html

Join CBOT & Brewer Investment Group for a three-part series with John Person covering candlestick patterns and pivot points in detail, then combining both techniques to develop and design a trading program.

Part 1: Pivot Point Analysis; Everything you wanted to know from R-3 to Z
January 23 @ 11 AM Chicago / 12 PM Eastern time
Learn to effectively incorporate Pivot Points in your trading for finding key support and resistance levels. Learn the exact mathemaical formulas for all three resistance and three support calculations. Find out which time periods are the most important, and how you can filter support and resistance numbers to narrow the field to just two or three target levels. You will also learn how to use Pivot Points to determine if a market is in a Neutral, Bullish or Bearish condition.

Part 2: Identifying Candlestick Patterns
January 24 @ 11 AM Chicago / 12 PM Eastern time
Learn two key Candlestick patterns which help identify key reversals and shifts in momentum. Learn how candles can help you discover conditional changes in the markets and how to use them to ride trending market conditions. This section of the series will instruct you as to when to enter a position.

Part 3: High Probability Trading Techniques
January 25 @ 11 AM Chicago / 12 PM Eastern time [Conflicting dates. CBOT reports this webinar as being on the 25th and 26th in 2 different places. Confirm with CBOT first.]
Part 3 ties the concepts of Candle Chart patterns with Pivot Point analysis as discussed in the first two classes. Learn to develop and design a trading program combining both techniques. You will also learn how to manage a trade after the initial set-up and trigger of the entry is made. You will discover what to look for in determining the strength of a trending market condition and why it is important to use various time frames and, more importantly, which time periods to trade with in order to help confirm your entries and exits.

About the Speaker
John Person is a 23-year veteran of the Futures and Options Trading industry. He started on the Floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange back in 1979. He then had the privilege of working with George Lane, the innovator of Stochastics. John has worked his way throughout the industry as a Trader, Broker, Analyst and Branch Manager for one of Chicago's largest discount / full service firms under the direct supervision of a former Chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade. John is the former owner and President of First National Futures Group, Inc. and is continuing his work as a registered Commodity Trading Advisor.