28 March A session, YMM1, profitable fade Stretch 4x

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Normally, I trade YM (e-mini $5 Dow futures) from unchanged with the 'fade first move basis the Stretch (or Fibonacci of the Stretch calculation) price rotation' strategy. However, this evening's 'fade the Stretch (or Fib of the Stretch)' trade started by measuring the 12:53PDT and the 12:55PDT YMM1 price prints at 12146, with a projection targeting the 25 March high, 12196. I often consider the previous high / low rotation with respect to the next opening move, which in this case is the A session for 28 March.

28 March Stretch = 37= X, 1.618%X = 59, 2.618%X = 96 and 4.25%X = 157

28 March opening high: 12188
12146 (12:53 & 12:55PDT) + 42 = 12188, the reversal point to 12150.
12188 - 38 = 12150 a reversal low ...
12150 + 45 = 12195 a reversal high.... (12196 = 25 March high)
12195 - 42 = 12153 the last price reversal low, 12153 (231:33PDT).

Price action indicates a lack of bullish conviction, i.e., sellers have a greater likelihood of controlling the 28 March trading range. The average trading range for:
February: 111
March: 97

Any of these four price rotations could have produced a 13% profit (21pts) basis $672 intra-day margin for the June e-mini $5 Dow futures. The tradeable probabilities for greater returns at lower prices, below the pivot point 12158, are worthy of serious consideration for the hawkish intra-day trader.
Hunter, im sure i speak for many here at mypivots, but please post real-time trades. the reason you dont get any responses to your posts of valuable information is that is all after the fact, which you can make fit, any stretch model.

id recommend, posting your fade/target levels at the close each day for the next day, then create your order entries and stops real-time like many do in the intraday trading logs. This would help us all appreciate your information and accept what your doing is more valid and will get more responses from everyone here.

just some thoughts, thanks for your efforts!