Gold/Dow 1:1 ratio; what say you?


I found this 'pmsurfer' blog.

He writes about long-term Precious Metal cycles and the Dow historically.

He also dogs out the dollar; which is popular nowadays.

He is NOT selling anything and seems well spoken.

I wasn't trading back around 1980 when we had the last blowoff in precious metals.

Is this considered contrarian investing?


Hola Researcher247,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
When you say, "he is NOT selling anything," do you mean he is buying his every position? or not soliciting?

Pmsurfer sounds like a student of the market. During my many years of intra-day equity index futures trading, I have read cycles studies from many perspectives, which is really investing.

You posted, "When the situation changes, I do--what do you do?"

One day I asked my Zen master about aliens here on earth. His response, ... "When they do come, become one with them. Until then, keep doing the dishes." Single mind. Single focus.
Trade in this moment.

I'm an intra-day equity index futures trader, e.g., e-mini $5 Dow futures.

The Treasury is printing money, in the hopes of keep deflation at bay, and with the hopes of creating easy money that stimulates the private sector. However, the private sector is not participating (lending / creating jobs) as one could hope. Developed (and developing) countries are growing and demanding more commodities than in recent memory. Those countries are trying to keep inflation low. China is notorious for mis-representing their rate of inflation. The costs of commodities, globally, reflect inflation.

Mr. Bernanke is concerned about deflation. The USD has been in a down trend. US politicians eat their young. US debt. That's a complete sentence right? with 'debt' being the action verb, i.e., doing something to someone, ( )- (o), the US tax payer, and their children's future.

We are in interesting times.

No one ever thinks history (cycles of 30 or 60 years) will repeat.

Each generation usually repeats previous generations; it is in our nature.


I guess I should show the link to what I am referring to, eh?

Was that in my original post?

Long day!

Doing all that research on junior miners and stuff looks like quite a bit of work to find those 'nuggets' of gold; literally!