insyte journal may2011

holding es short from 1343.50 for overnight trade. S/L at 1349.50. Target 1338.50. one contract.
so far a 3 point chop continues
all sectors are showing green, yet the market move like molasses in absence of institutional involvent so far.
finally range extention. short at 1154.5 when touched.
holding short from 1354.50. Target 1351.5. S/L 1359.
The O/N short still working at 1354.50. Target 1351.50. Moving S/L to 1538.
tightening the trade. moving profit target to 1352.5. And S/L to 1356.
out of trade now with 2 pts. profit. flat now.
Placing a buy order @1350.
that was quick. holding esm11 1350 long. S/L 1345. Target 1356
strong usd today in the morning keeping a lid on the market. adding nqm11 @ 2407.5 as long.
or by at 1344.5 to tgt 1347.5