insyte journal may2011

holding es short from 1343.50 for overnight trade. S/L at 1349.50. Target 1338.50. one contract.
buying at 1330 or 1340, whichever occurs first. target 4 points. S/L 5 points. no trade in between this range.
long now at 1330. s/l 1325
adding one more at 1333.25
took profit on first lot at 1334 for points
taking profit on 2nd lot at 1335.25
all out now. +4 on first lot; +2 on second lot.
nice rally as usd sinks. buying on swing down to 1335. first lot.
super rally today as shorts scramble to cover and usd tanks. just looking for longs today on swing low's.
ideal buy point 1340.
been enjoying posting here. however it takes more time than i can afford and is sometimes distracting too. so tomorrow is the last day for pre-buy/sell signals. if anyone is interested i can send signals on private mail or im. let me know.
or by at 1344.5 to tgt 1347.5