Unsubscribed me from this stupid, petty, self-important pink ass faux ****ing bull****.

Hit the kill file and I don't want another post from this junk.

When the LOL white plastic ****s die!!!!!

You peop[le done bumped your ****ing head thinking you'll get away with ****!

its spqr?
dude, do you need an aspirin or something? Its okay, we are here to support; I have been through a mental breakdown, so I know what its like.... mid-life crisis?

I was thinking that also ... too...left me choice but to lock em up...DT can take it from here..
Originally posted by BruceM too...left me choice but to lock em up...DT can take it from here..

I was going to do exactly that - thanks for the help!
Originally posted by CharterJoe

its spqr?

Turns out that you're correct. Shares an IP address with SPQR.

Not a very professional way to respond. Also what problem have you encountered? Have long have you been a student of the markets? How many copies of your charts have you made and studied? I have found these Guys have donated a lot of free time to help. Approach to any problem requires and open mind and willingness to work and listen to others who are experienced.

John 14
Thats embarrassing, you got locked up in cyberspace .. you could at least go to a real jail ..
Funny ... I'd thought the same thing after the first or second blathering post ... "he's baaaaaaaack." The convoluted word-mash and arrogant/elitist "you're incapable of my thought level" ... the aggressive, provocative, taunting nature of his posts. Mighty strange feller, he is! Wonder if he's got the record # of lock-outs?

Originally posted by CharterJoe

its spqr?

Man!...put down the crack pipe!!!
Thank you Daytrading for you advice I have already copied the 7 habits
to my white board with the hope to follow