ES day trading for 5-27-11

First resitance line is at current O/N high as we approach the 8:30

1330.50 - this is also last fridays VA low !

then above there we run into a high and low volume combination from last friday up at

1332.50 - 1335 *******that is a better zone I think for selling against if given the opportunity

On the downside we have that key area from YD at 23.75 and the current O/N low is 24.40 so key support will be

1323.75 - 1324.50 ***

under there is a low volume area at 19.50 - 21.25...the breakout zone...that is important to bulls so it gets lots of stars ********
those two zones are tight.....

These will be revised after reports hit....

3 day weekend and reports also at 9:45 and 10 a.m.

I'm hoping to get trading over with fast today......It's one thing having losses but having them infront of a long weekend is worse for overall I will be trading lighter and not as agressive

I favor the short side again.

as usualy we will watch the ranges to see what holds and what fails....
Hi all,
I haven't posted here in awhile. I hope all are doing well.
Just wanted to point out the 1332-33 level is 2X 666 low.
Strength above, IF it holds,weakness below. It's been worn pretty good so far this year. I don't know which way but this number a big factor in all my analysis.
The day before the Memorial Day holiday has been positive 50% of the time since the inception of S&P 500 futures, though the last three years were all down, and relatively hard at that (-1.4%, -0.4% and -1.1%).1. Day after Memorial Day, Dow up 8 of last 11.
2. First trading day in June, Dow up 10 of last 12.
WELL, I MISSED THE TRADE OF THE DAY BY ONE TICK...i guess thats why ive been hittin the euro lately.. the initial objective here is 1324.75
Originally posted by BruceM

it's good that they haven't printed YD highs in RTH yet...I'm planning on them coming back down for that.....better for fades

You got your print! That was a great point that I completely agreed with at the time (but didn't see myself till you mentioned it). Thanks for pointing that out... helped me believe in my shorts.

I've mentioned this link before and it seems a little wacko, but I tend to see it often, so I can't ignore it. The 1.272 ratio:

52.8% R1 down to PP is 1326.75, which we seem to be finding some sup now.
one min initial move 1326.75 to 1328 projects 1329.75, however the 5 min(1326.75 to 1328.25 ) projects 1330.75.... so thats my sell zone on any rebound...(i prefer 1330.50)
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...praying for my order to sell at 1330.50 to get hit next 3 min
ooops misscounted the cycle... should peak at 10:35?
VPOC above touched (black line), VPOC below is waiting....
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