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ES 6-9-2011

This profile is still on the June contract.

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Lisa, Bruce sounds like done for today... here is the link to the pitbull strategy..
Originally posted by chrisp

Lisa, Bruce sounds like done for today... here is the link to the pitbull strategy..

Was just about to post the same link, Chris. Lisa, read through the whole thread. The strategy as laid out initially is not how Bruce (and others now) incorporate it into their trading analysis. Further into the topic (the latter pages), the numbers from the Pitbull strategy are described in a way in which they are currently applied. It's a very good thread/topic!
I don't see any trade sugestions for the ES what's going on are you guys sleeping
Kind of late in the day if it's a trend day for ideas but 1294 the correction target as we're here at 1291 level.
levels of importance below 1285.50, 1288. imo
David I'm still trading the June contract, your numbers for September or June?
Ditto, June contract. Too confusing to change for me the first day.
If they exceed that 1294 level the next is 1298.75. Mind that 1296 R level before that. All predicated on reaching the 1294. 1291 was the midday battle zone and now S level.
target hit,see if it can extend? 1294
Needs to get above the 50%
50% is 1292.50 for clue here. Can spike as long as 1291 holds.
maybe not todays business?
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