ES 6/15/2011

Areas that I'm watching for this morning with a bearish bias.

1286.25-1288.25 big confluence area

1277.50-1279.00 ditto

1272.25-1273.50 ditto

1268.50 NPOC

Good luck to all!

Nice call on 1258. What did you see 58 to support the call, if I may ask?
Ross...don't want to speak for someone else but I also have been watching the S2 number on Daily Notes at hit it to the tick,,
I mean 1257.57..sorry for the fat fingers..
i have the 53-54 area below as an ok scalp area for those brave enough...will sell 67-67.5 if they get it up there (doubt it)

highest 1m volume bar down at the lows so i think it is begging for a retest i think
$SPX (cash) 200 MA stands now at 1256.82 (it is close).
$INDU = 11,716.
$COMPQ=2636 (just hit)

Those who have live chart of those indexes may wish to watch.
Forgot the chart

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2011 06 151415
No fear here so far for the shorts. No apology needed Lisa P. Sorry I couldn't elaborate more for you at the time. Need to keep a higher low shorter timeframes. 1263.25 and 1257.75 range markers and lower high needs to break for higher here. Not forgetting 1261.50 is the S/R level that held last we met here(it did piecre).