ES 6-28-2011

Two charts. O/N Volume Profile and O/N TPO profile. Whats interesting is the two are pretty much opposite looking. Volume entered the market at the lows of the O/N and quickly drove prices north.

Also, price is currently sitting on YD RTH high of 1280. If opening here, we will be above YD value and above YD range, per Dalton, range potential is unlimited in either direction.

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I think this whole advance is just a well-orchestrated, slow-motion squeeze and until Lorn's comparisons of today's 15 minute volumes jump to the grean side of the -0- line on his subchart, no one can say that there has been a capitulation of buyers (to cover shorts).
Volume at old POC

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2011 06 281530
nothing worked for shorts today....
End of quarter stuff..buying only