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market profile 24 h session/day session

DT today for July 12, 2011 your market profile numbers for the emini es where

VAH 1319.75 POC 1315.25 VAL 1313.75

I have recieved from JIm Dalton VAH 1311.50 POC 11308.50 VAL 1301.00

I know Mr. Dalton uses the numbers for DAY SESSION only so I assume yours is the 24 hour session if this is the case, will you please direct me to a free site that I can get those numbers I know you receive the 24h numbers for free and I can't get from Jim Dalton the numbers every day

your respose is greatly valued
I don't know whats going on with me today I think I need a new pair of eye glasses

The numbers I gave you from Jim Dalton are the overnight numbers I still have the question for your numbers are they DAY session or 24 hours
The numbers that we post in the forum are for the DAY/RTH session and not for the 24-hour session.

There's a Market Profile Calculator here if you have the highs and lows to paste into the calculator:
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