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warning.. there is no holy grail... all trade setups have failures..

'' before you add a setup to your trading, know that setup so well that you will be willing to risk your family's financial well being on that setup alone to the exclusion of all others..short of that... don't trade it'' joed

trading this setup requires 4 things .. a mastery of medianlines, a mastery of fib, a setup that allows you to do a constant scan of a set group of traders...then collecting at least 1000 examples of the setup you have found on your own...thus making it your own.

the setup is the [email protected] have been showing it relentlessly at the kane forum for the last 4.5 years.
traders will hold tight to their favorites trying to ''hide'' from market declines until forced to liquidate.... here are the charts of favorites with sell signals and downside targets...
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balancing the negative.... there is much positive...
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