new to trading

I am totally new what do you suggest I do first

I think you need to read a few books including Wikipedia.
Also you need to decide which pair you will be using and your broker.
Forex is an investment with high risk. The velocity of money in the forex daily reach trillions of dollars. Now with even small capital we can invest in forex. Besides the reliable forex broker is also an important factor.
you can find all you need on the web/
good luck
Hi catfish, the best thing you can do now is to study how the market works. There are plenty of trading resources you can find online that will help you understand the different tools and terminologies. Always remember that it's important for a trader to know the important points in trading to avoid losing their profits. Trust me this advice have helped me survive in Forex.
Hi there! I think you really have to understand first the norm of the Forex trading market. Forex market is a hub where currencies are traded.
Every successful trader was once a new trader and he had the same questions in his mind as you have now. You need to work hard and steady in order to stay long on the trading world. Have you done some home work in this regard?
Really like the response here..👌🏽👌🏽
Good luck budy
Good luck budy