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I am totally new what do you suggest I do first

Wow, what a vague post... the first thing to do is to practice on demo and then go live; after that you can keep demoing and trade live when you feel the moment is right... but, again, your post is so vague. Do you have any trading experience at all?
Find a pay for share commission broker and trade 50-100 SPY or other ETF that has a personality You like if you like slow and steady try XLF. or try 5k-10k lots of EUR/USD I would never recommend futures or options to someone new unless they have a large bankroll and a personal professional trader that would mentor you. IMHO demo is 100% worthless, its only good for learning how to place trades or learn a new platform. The hardest part to trading is not finding a method, the hardest part is turning your analysis into money. I have seen great traders trade a dumb idea like buy new 52 week highs and they make money every week because they know when there wrong. This is something demo does and can not do. Once you have a method could be something as simple as buying a pullback in an up market, and the discipline to buy when every fiber of your being says to ignore your rules, but you buy anyway do this hour after hour, day after day then increase your size. Just ONE POINT a day in the ES with 25 cons is over 300k a year and the ES can handle 25cons any second of the day. Most traders (they say) will never reach this because they cannot divorce there ego from there trading, were taught being wrong is bad, so a loss makes you a bad person. a loss is just a loss get out and make it back while its still small. wow this is a vague topic....
That is a tough question & pretty broad. There is a BIG difference between trend trading, swing trading, & day trading...not to mention what you are trading - stocks, currencies, options, futures, ETFs, etc. Do you even know what type of trading you are looking to do? What is you objective (build wealth in IRA, income, etc.)? How much time a day do you have to study the markets and to trade? How much money do you have to trade with and what can you afford to lose if you are not successful? These are all important questions.

I would start by reading a few books but wouldn't even think about putting money at risk until you have some foundational knowledge and possibly even a mentor (there are several trading rooms out there, some good and some bad).
I think you already did it by asking the question. Smart move.
Charter Joes response has a lot of wisdom in it.
Gives some answers to the questions for more info.
I would get a platform with charts & watch for a while. Start by drawing horizontal lines at prior highs & lows & drawing diagonal trend lines on different timeframes, like the 5,15,30 min, hourly, daily. Read Al Brooks book, "Reading price charts bar by bar" That book will help you a lot!

Charter Joe gave great advice, the hard part is turning your analysis into $
thanks for the information i am new in trading....

No one has asked this question, but I think it is an extremely important one. "EXACTLY why are you entering into the field of trading?" When I say it is important I don't mean it is important to anyone reading these posts but that it will be important to you to fully understand why you are doing this and what you're trying to accomplish.

Having a clear understanding of your motivation can help you to stay focused during the next few perilous years that await you. It can also possibly alert you that your motivation is flawed and not conducive with the trading environment.

For instance: A reason like " I wanna learn to trade just so I can make some extra money" will not produce sufficient enough desire within you to keep you on track during periods of extended draw downs. A reason like "I really hate my job" probably won;t work either, but it may help you to learn to like your job more. lol

Anyway, having a clear understanding of the reason(s) you want to trade is a good place to start.

You may also want to post your reason here to receive feedback from other traders to see if they have been in your shoes and whether or not the reason is viable.
Like others posted here I can’t be sure what is THE answer to your question. However this here is one very good answer to your question:

Don’t be fooled by the humorous presentation on this first page. It is a very well written, thorough and encompassing trading course. All free.
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I am totally new what do you suggest I do first


First, I would look around at all the different types of trading, and get familiar with them so you can figure out what is right for you. Then I wold buy a trading curse and really learn the method taught. Most important would be to PROVE your skills through hypothetical paper trading first.
I would suggest you stay away from the markets altogether ... trading is the most competitive job on earth, it takes a lot of education, reading, research, development, backtesting, & back to square one a few times, before you'll have a chance at becoming consistently profitable. All of this requires an enormous amount of willpower, patience, and the financial ability to get through that learning curve.

If you are still reading me, and willing to get started, reading a few books to get a better appreciation for this field would be a great idea, at least:

- Brett N. Steenbarger, Enhancing Trader Performance
- Van Tharp, Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom

Best wishes!
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