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Is there anyone out there who successfully has a career trading just on price and volume without indicators?

Thanks for the responses.

I had DT change the date...thanks for the support Paul
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neeko, juniorh, et al,

if you want some trading observations on the volume profile, you have to see BruceM's comments in the incorrectly labelled ES Thursday 9-28-11 (the actual date should have been today's date, 9-29-11.

there you go, complete with charts for illustration.

I trade the YM using price and volume but pay a lot of attention to value area migration. Not sure if you consider the Market Profile Trading Graphic as an indicator but I do use it for observing key levels and to monitor value migration.
I've seen many trade very successfully with many indicators but, I think it can often takes your eyes off more important information on a market read.. The best concepts I've seen work is the mark fisher ACD concept to spot potential trends, and market/volume profile concept for non-trends and even choppy markets.. time is also an important concept in reading price, which many overlook.. Also learn to watch the market form new pivots as it develops in real time to confirm your levels.. Simple volume bars can also tell you a lot about how decisive a move is on a BO or pull back and etc.. Putting it all together in the right context is the hard part..