ES Thursday 10-13-11

I know many are getting new charts and becoming familiar with volume profiles. Here is the last two days for reference with the appropriate high and low volume marked off. This way those who are new can compare their charts to this one. Lots of good bell curves to work with once the 8:30 reports come out
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97.75 retest is a sure thing......LOL...there is a good reason I don't really like the afternoon

value area will end way below yesterdays VA even if we do rally into the close...unlikely to happen
You R doing fine Lisa. The question is: Is it helping you? Some times it helps me to post. I see my own trend of thought. Some times seeing how others see and act "according to their postings, also helps me" So, no you don't have to be sorry! :)
trying to form second set of single as we apporach first line of resistance...1202.50 - 1204
SandOxe, with your permission then I will illustrate Bruce's point. Main volume is way below.
Oh yeah, it is for Della's benefit. He has us all working on his How did you manage to do it, man?

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2011 10 131521
taking something off at 97.50 and trying to hold only two.....
will try to get this to 96 even and then hold one for 91 retest....that is a long way in my world
it really dont get anybetter than that
flat at 96.25...just can't hold as we are back into key area..
thanks bruce have a johnny walker red on me
I missed this, I amdefinitely not as good as Bruce at it. Bruce, you are da man. Thanks for sharing with us.
Below is the 10 minutes follow up chart or "after the fact chart" Today was not my day. After the first trade I knew it was best to stay away. Did one more trade and luckily got stop out at B.E. But, I still lend the market $150.00 for the day.
In trading, you will find, that, no matter what system you have, or how good of a trader you are, there will be days when you are not in the "zone" Those are days that it's better to close shop and go play.......

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sp 500 es 10 minutes chart pivots set up for 10 13 2011 after the fact chart
Originally posted by sandoxe

If the bulls still want to give it one more test to 1216, and possibly 1229 with good spike after that I'm Ok with it. Maybe today and tomorrow.
Below is the "before the fact chart" with the pivots set up for today. I'm buying at 1195.75, just above the daily trend line.
Initial stop at 1192.75.

Will see what the market has for us, and as always, the market has the last word and in due time will show us the way.

I see for you the same I see for my self: Having the best of luck and fun, awesome profitable trading day!

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before the fact chart sp 500 es 10 minutes pivots set up for 101311