Times of day/trading zones

DTI, a training outfit in Mobile whose course I bought on Ebay (!!) says NEVER to short between 1:30 PM and 2PM, and simply stand aside from 2:30 PM to 3PM. Any suggestions why?
This is one of the "telltale" signs the method they are promoting is not much better than flipping a coin. Any true "edge" provides an entry and an exit, regardless of time of day.

They know their methodology will lead to overall loses if all their signals are followed, so limiting times of day for trading cuts the losses down and keeps their "students" on the hook a little longer.
I think I did a trial or something with DTI several years ago, a guy named Busby, they were n Mobile. He had a play for XOM when the petro report comes out on wed at 10:30 & a few other simple trade setups. I don't remember anything with the time zones your talking about.

I think 9:30-11:30 is best, then 1:30 til 3:00 or so depending on the trend & if there is one. 11:30-1:30 is usually choppy, Al Brooks calls it barbed wire, avoid it.
Are you promoting a school or it is just a naive question? if you paid money for their course why you did not get the answer from them?