ES Friday 10-21-2011

Et tu 1215?

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Did anyone short the 35 area? It bo above 30 so that short was a difficult trade to take... If you did, can you explain why?
extremely low volume today, we haven't even cracked 2 million contracts with 90 minutes to go in the day (we had more volume on labor day monday than today)...stats aside, today i think is a good example of shorts being squeezed...nobody expects any news to come out of europeover the weekend (results moved to wednesday) so shorts had to capitulate, at least for now

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i did at 123450.. 5 min chart outside bar..slowstoch set 833 overbought..go up in time frames(10,15,30,60) slow stoch is overbought..its was only 2 min into that 30 min bar so i beleive it had to retrace some..also it had move 10 points plus from open..thats my reason for the trade..also give me a little more guts was lisa say the gap there too.

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ps exit at 123000 even cause of the support at 122900
lisa anything going on up here BLUE or RED? footprints
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lisa anything going on up here BLUE or RED? footprints

nothing special, just chopping
thank lisa i have to send you a email on something ok
having problems with broker's software. Anyone else has IB hang up?
FED: QE3 warranted
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i think the right line to post would be:

"Fed’s Yellen Says QE3 May Be Warranted If More Easing Needed"

which is sthg i believe nobody doubts

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FED: QE3 warranted
Thx Duck, I think 1230 was a very reasonable exit.. I didn't see any resistance@1235 or thereabouts... though LV, it was a fresh BO.. but the 10pt move from opening and a short to 1230 sound reasonable...

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