ES Tuesday 10/25

The levels that I will be watching today are:

1271-1274 LVN

1263 LVN-2011 Open-Wkly DeMark R1

1256-58 LVN-Daily R1

1250-51 LVN

1245-47 LVN- DeMark Wkly PP

1240 LVN

1235-36 Last weeks High-Yesterday's Low
we are real close with numbers today big mike..gonna be a good day...heres my take:

The traditional MP numbers are matching up well with our LV zones today. So I am using:

1250 - 1251

1245 - 1246.75

those two zones span the big bell curve on the lows and highs. The reality is that we have the 1254 left over from yesterday that never printed but as I type I see the Overnight has found resistance there so far. That needs to be monitored. For me we have now a big upper band at 1250 - 1254..buyers would need to hold above that zone in the day session to keep any rally alive and sellers need to keep price below. A big zone but that doesn't mean we still can't buy ( on a higher open) down near the 50 - 51 or sell at the 54 area...

Above 54 I'd be waiting to sell up near the 58.75 - 60 area. Below the 45.25 area we need to watch the 41.25 - 42.50. These zones are tight and having zones at every 2.5 points of range is not an easy thing to trade from. Below 41 we have a low volume area that stretches from 38.75 all the way down to 34 area and I will not initiate long trades until we get down to the lower part of that zone...near 33 - 34

Now we just need to wait until 9 a.m. to see if anything sets up but the most important thing will be the RTH open and which zone we trade to first. Good luck today
That was fun
36.75 and 32.5 the 62 and 50% levels between 1215 and 1250)larger 50 and 62% levels)
1223.75 the Key level as it's the top of the box from all the range of last 2 months
1263 the target from breakout but nothing trumps the Key level
retrace levels from that drop
37.75,41,and 44 the 38,50, and 62% levels
forgot the 38% level in prior post-28.5 ballpark
watching this 42.25 area LV
where is everybody???
Open creates a lower high,negative day unless closes higher on those daily charts.

Just a thought but an equidistant move down from 1242 is 1215, if it get more negative into the close.

I have a triangle on the 10 min chart.

DJI levels-intraday mean currently at 11827 area
11743,11775,11837 and 11900 live today
below is 11712,11686, and 11650
above 11900 and move in 62.5 and 125 point increments as I don't chart it. works for me
we are building below the 37,38 area makes me wonder lower this after noon
if this 5 min candle stays here then we have a triple BRUCE thing
lisa are you here
box top
23.50 under,1219 1216 and 1215 after
reversal possible if it can hold on a recapture
meager bounce there so far