ES Weds 11-9-2011

If the market opens here I'll be using yesterdays lows as resistance...1251-1253. Above that I'll use 1256.25-1257 which might be better resistance. Above that some single numbers, 1259.75, 1261.50, which I don't really like. That 1264-1265 zone is interesting and above that 1267-1270.

Current O/N low is 1237 which is right at Mondays low and a solid LVN of 1235-1238.

A potential monkey wrench beside all the nonsense out of Europe is Bernspankme is giving a speech starting at 9:30am.

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Originally posted by scottrigg1

Anyone know why Bruce hasn't been posting?

I believe he is on vacation.
So far today we've got the typical bell curve forming of a sell the high and buy the low with all the volume in the middle.

It also seems the big bulge of volume in the middle is bracketed by LVN's at the 60min high/low. 1246.25/1237.50 respectively. There has been trade through both these zones with no follow through so watch them carefully for any early signs of conviction for the afternoon.

But the big kicker is the euro. Still unable to regain the Oct. 31 low so that is telling.
Good stuff Paul9 .. that 1248.50 was also a RTH 5D average close under 1250.00 .. in another room I am in I said this early a.m. that 1248.50 would be tough with that close under 1250.00