ES Monday 11/14/2011

Sorry no chart currently but these are the levels and reasons why I'm watching them on Monday.

1290 High 10/27

1272-75 LVN and last week's RTH high

1259-61 LVN; NPOC and S/R level

1246 LVN

1231-35 LVN; S/R level

1225 Last week's RTH low

1216-17 S/R level

Good luck to all!
Friday's session was a textbook P formation on both volume and MP profile.
asking a question here, just to make sure.

A P formation is short-covering?
Paul,According to Dalton, yes
That is correct Paul.
thank you RE P

personal matters (death in the family) I have had to deal with over the past few weeks have been concluded, but it will take me a day or 2 before I might be able to constructively contribute. I am just now updating charts from last week.
Lay of the land. Notice thinly-traded area bleow with some singles

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2011 11 141027
Almost 11:30. So far a neutral/balanced day in terms of MP. Volume has been horribly low. The strategy on a neutral day is buy the lows and sell the highs for trade back to the middle or VWAP. Be cautious of this ultra low volume though and now that the first part of the day is almost over. Make sure a setup is clear and has obvious and minimal risk otherwise you will probably get chopped heavily trying to trade the current movements.

Pay close attention to any attempted break of the highs/lows.
Singles filled

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2011 11 141154
Lisa seeing anything on the delts footprints i showed small 4060 on he bid side
Della, nothing significant today. Volume low, market slow. I took a couple of scalps , but no holding anything. I an not very active today, do not like trading in slow market.

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2011 11 141235