DT has my email letting him know I have left after 3yrs. here ...

31 pages of a topic candle pattern ... showing real time trade areas with me Bruce and Charter Joe ..

DT also has been informed to discontinue all email and PMs ..
Red, thanks for everything you shared with us. Is there any way we can talk you in to staying? Or at list stop by from time to time?

Wherever you decide to do, you are always welcome.


I have received Red's email and I'm very sorry that he's chosen to leave.

I know that you, Bruce and Charter Joe have at times posted in the same topics but I think that each of you have your own distinct style and methodology which works for you but is not always shared by the other so I'm not sure if it's a good idea to include them in this topic.

I understand why you have left and as I said I'm sorry that this has happened. If you decided to return (I hope you do) then I would suggest that you start your own topic and dictate the type of topic that it's going to be. For example you could have an "ES trade posting thread for 11/18/2011" which is just for posting trades that you have or will take without explanation of why you are taking the trade. This way traders who want to follow you will be able to and others that want to learn can go to a different topic.
Sorry ta see you go Red, I've learned from you (thank you) Charter Joe & others over the years, ya'll have posted some great info for us newbies tryin ta learn TA. There haven't been as many time chart threads as there once was. Beacause of this, I've considered doing a thread using some of your & ch Joe's methods & a few of my own to show how I trade GC day n night, so the visitors/seekers that come here looking to learn as I was did will see & read something other than trading the indexes via a bell curve & high vol numbers,,plus most newbies don't realize there are easier instruments out there ta trade than index futs. Problem is my procrastination skills out weigh my writing skills.

It would go something like what I'm doing tonight
11/18 GC trade, long 2 cons off a double bottom 9pm at 1718.5 (the vol VA low# & the VWAP),,, trend stalls, sold 1, 11pm at 1725, a $650 profit, have a runner left w a stop 1717 (3 tix below the 618 of tonights range), target 1736 (last weeks low)or a surge w a 30 min RSI reading of of +70....

I can't make this kinda $ trading 2 ES cons, or be up $1000 when I wake up,, with an ATR of 35-40 gold is a killer range expansion trade over night. Red, with your knowledge & the type of analysis you posted in the candle pattern thread, you could make a good thing like this great!
I didn't mean to offend any MP folks or anyone that has posted their work. Friday 2am, when I spend too much time in front of the monitors I can get "out there" sometimes, I'm sure most here can relate.

Over the years I've learned several methods/tatics & set ups from this board that helped me learn to trade, like all things, the nature of the posts/topics have changed. Some of them now I don't even understand, maybe I'm just dumb I dunno.... I've taken some of the things I learned from Red, Joe & others, started trading GC which trends very well btw & pays twice as much per point as ES. I've considered posting the trades & set ups, not for votes, but for the newbies to learn from because they're simple. Like myself, most newbies are hung up on the indexes instead of searching for an instrument that suits their style, whether it's 6E ZB GC what ever. I guess my compassion for those trying to learn is greater than my desire to be a guru.

Red, with your style of analysis you could make fantastic contributions to what I'm doing & to those that visit here looking to learn as I did years ago. That is why I hate to see you leave.
I, for one one be most grateful. I'm still learning and look forward to seeing your approach.

If you like you could lock this topic and move it ... it really isn't
a trade ideas topic ...
Thanks for all the information and ideas you shared redsixspeed. Best of luck to you.
I've moved it to the Trader's Lounge section but will leave it unlocked so that others can comment.
Hey Red,

Can understand but also appreciate what and where you've shared for so long. But also ... find it a bit of a bummer (as I'm sure many do) and will miss "hearing" from ya here.

Have a wonderful holiday season and wishing you, your family and your trading well going forward mister!

Peace Love and Wild Monkey Flips to You!