ES FRIDAY 11/25/2011

62.00 is a rat area also below the the LVN frome wed then 56.25 below it for short looking to short up the at 62
MAN! It didn't even slow down in that area. Wonder if any Market Delta peeps saw anything to go long there?
yes i seee that waited till 68. went there its still not coming back no VOL today at all black friday is a pos day but thought after run pull back
I'm selling into this 69 area now...lots of numbers up here.....short day so they want to make their money quick...69 - 70 is key point from Wednesday......will target 66 first....

can't trust much on low volume post holiday trade so trading smaller today

trendlin, low volume and VA high is up here...they may push up a bit more to shake YOU out !!
looks like they want the high of overnight
NQ is the weaker russ strong EC moving up
GOD there is NO vol
stoped out at 71 missed it again
Keep trying Richard if u can...hard to pick a top or bottom exactly...very few do it consistently on the first try.........It's the broken watch trading concept...eventually we get it right...just like a broken watch
66 is still peak volume if we look at Wednesday and today combined....everyone trying to fiqure out if they can break it out of the 70 low volume ledge from Wednesday. I'm anticipating trade back to 66 still....gotta watch hour high if the try to break it away again with some real volume.....sure seems like a whole bunch of fluff to me which favors regression trades still back to the mean
what was nice about that trade is that they used up lots of energy to finally reach that 70 breakout point...they trended it fast to get up there and once they got there they had nothing left...we had a trendline, the VA high from Wednesday, the 70 rat, the low volume point from Friday.....we owed it to ourselves to initiate there.....

hope all have a great weekend...
low to lower