ES Tuesday 1-31-12

Magnet price zone is 1312-1314.50 as this is the weekly OVERNIGHT open, fridays VWAP and more important is the weely pivot .

This is a market that is trying to balance as we had last weeks close near it's open and we broke the lows of last week to stop one time framing up on the weekly..

Preference is to sell up into the 1317 - 1319.50 area...buys come down in the 1308 - 1305 area....keeping in mind the 1312- 1314.50 magnet...

Above there we have low volume that begins at 21 but I'd prefer to see what happens at 24.50 - 26.50

reports today!!
air above at 14.75.....segment count wants buyers down here...
second air pocket fills in at 11:75...minus 8 zone hitting early
Question about your 08-05 area. I show singles from yesterday 04.75-05.50, below the O/N low, is this part of your thought process? No hurry, just a tech question.
exactly right...then I bring in the numbers off the where is minus 8 - 10 zone from an opne of 1315.75?

U got it !!!!!!
exiting at 1311.50 print....close to air fill and key magnet zone is above...

Don't trade in the middle
Thanks, been away for a couple of weeks, just trying to get back in the swing. Kudos by the way, you gave me a good read a while back "one good trade" I had the time to read it on vacation. Great read, thanks.
Did you take a stab at all in the -5.5 area bruce, or just waited for the the -8 because it coincided with your 5-8 zone ?

Personally i passed on that zone because we had the gap fill down at 9, so i waited for the -8 number which coincided with some fib numbers i had, among other things

here is the fib proj fwiw
No Nick...I waited till I got under the 08 number u know I look at order flow too so I don't want anyone to think that I just take these trades blindly...I use to do that though
thanks bruce
a quick babbling video off my other account...not the best expaination of air pockets but hopefully it helps....think of price bar overlap....

so here is todays ramble
No video below? Try this link: airbabble.swf

and thanks to all for the positive feedback on the videos etc...