ES Tuesday 1-31-12

Magnet price zone is 1312-1314.50 as this is the weekly OVERNIGHT open, fridays VWAP and more important is the weely pivot .

This is a market that is trying to balance as we had last weeks close near it's open and we broke the lows of last week to stop one time framing up on the weekly..

Preference is to sell up into the 1317 - 1319.50 area...buys come down in the 1308 - 1305 area....keeping in mind the 1312- 1314.50 magnet...

Above there we have low volume that begins at 21 but I'd prefer to see what happens at 24.50 - 26.50

reports today!!
nice to see the projection work Nick..thanks for that
i use them along with mp areas, the pitbull and classic s/r in ym and nq...they work very well when they are in the neighborhood of some of the other elements, like with today's -8 pitbull number

Originally posted by BruceM

nice to see the projection work Nick..thanks for that
trying small longs off yesterdays closing vwap
Good call, I think. End-of-the-month, anticipating new mutual fund inflows at the start of the next month. Could be a runner...
trying to get runners to fill in second set of single prints up near 1306.50....this is my second try...was using low volume from yesterday as initial this 05 need sto get resolved
we spent a lot of time consolidating between 05 and 1310 yesterday so this is a difficult long to hold
and looking more difficult by the minute...
transports remain in their opening hour range...i dunno, this just doesn't feel like it's going to turn into a trend sell day
that was 4 lower lows on the 30 still trying the long fade....1301 is last low volume area from yesterday...
exited at 06.50 print...close enough to second set of single prints and don't want to be tortured
and thanks to all for the positive feedback on the videos etc...