ES Wednesday 2-1-12

A quick video of the numbers I'm using for today....and the reasons for them

No video below? Try this link: numbers2.swf

Good stuff Bruce. thank you.
i uploaded the wrong recording....I changed it so it now has the correct one...same basic info but a bit more user friendly
thanks for the update bruce
a great example today of how well the Overnight session lines up with other day session areas..
Took a stab at the pitbull +2.50. Sold the open 18.75, target 16.75 hit but didn't get a fill bailed on the reversal.
Correction sold the 18.25 open print
hoping to get new sells above the plus 4 soon......with air below would be ideal

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2012 02 011012
I have open at plus 4 is in..shorting glasses are on at 22.75...will try higher if needed

if we are very wrong they will push quick up into 1326
air fills at 20.75
welcome to the forum and thanks for the good words!!!
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First time responder to the site, have followed you on this site for some time. Your videos recently are extremely helpful. Took a long with you today after several stop outs prior, looking forward to your views and those of others. Been trading for a year or so but not profitable YET. Took an mentoring program with Andrew Menaker to help with not pulling the trigger, got past that now trying to use my charts to better understand the markets. Again, thanks for your insight.