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ES Friday 2-10-12

Right back into Mondays open as I type at the critical 1334 - 35 area here in the overnight....upside would be watching 1339 - 41

below here we will have 1329.75 - 1330.50
euro / Greek socialism woes gonna play very heavily.
I don't want to wish anything bad on anyone or any country but lets hope the market has some good moves today
pittbull would buy the 37 number..after going to -2.5 which is i right?
133.75 is 88% retrace. If # holds upside looks good
It is my understanding that is correct
i thought buy at about 32 area?
38 ok rest.. 40 better.. 42 looks major
Originally posted by rburns

133.75 is 88% retrace. If # holds upside looks good

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es 03 12 30 min 2102012
I think this 1333.75 has to hold, and may be a decent buy....or your looking at 1322
Kool, Thanks. Just started studying your stuff recently and ran that number this morning off yesterdays projection. Something is sinking in!
lol...thxs bkay! great job!...i went long down there but already exited(way too early?) at 1336.75. Looking to buy again on a dip ...or sell 1342
Originally posted by Big Mike

Originally posted by khamore1

Originally posted by Big Mike

Originally posted by khamore1

Originally posted by vasuki

friday this late anything can happen

The closer we get to the close of the RTH and the Breath stays at or below -1600 I can mortgage your house that it will continue down

I think this is a silly statement to make by someone whose prior post was looking to save a tick or two.

Worrying about ticks? Really?

It is odd but I think your statement is silly and without any merit, I don’t see any place Vasuki was talking about making a tick or two certainly I never mentioned it. You’re confused and confusing others. Please go back and read the thread you will find out who mentioned ticks….

My apologies, you're right. I mispoke. Grunt was the poster about ticks.


Apology accepted I’m sorry if I was to harsh in my response
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