ES Monday 2-13-12

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I noticed on Friday's topic there was some back and forth in the comments that wasn't trading related. Please resist the temptation to engage in that type of chatter. Everyone finds it distracting and it doesn't add value. If someone posts something that has nothing to do with the topic of trading and you feel it shouldn't be there then feel free to let them know by voting down that post instead of responding.

Good trading everyone!
here is a rough one as we enter monday's trade with some key price zones
No video below? Try this link: monday.swf

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L 46..will try multiple tries down here
looking for 47.50 to target and tighten up..air pocket
if they start making new lows then we really need to think that todays developing VWAP and thursday VWAP are putting a ceiling on prices and that 41 area comes into we need to at least entertain the short side trade
we have air pocket above formingso trying from the minus 4 but my better plan is to try below the O/N low at 42 or lower
flat at 44.75..will wait for lower or miss out on air fill
got in @44.50 nice hold here.
taking all out once it reach to 46.50 target.
starting to look for long side near this O/N low..lots of numbers in the 40 - 42.50 area
khamore1 and anybody else who wants to discuss the unfairness of down voting on posts or the voting system on the forum please continue your discussion here:

I have deleted the off-topic voting discussion from the topic and will do the same in the future and request that the moderators also do this if they see off-topic voting discussion going on here.

Let's focus on trading in this topic and keep the off-topic chatter in the trader's lounge.