ES Tuesday 2-14-12

Using 45.50 - 47...then 51 - 53....downside further is 40 - 42.75...then 36.50

hoping to get an air pocket video up later...ideal trades will happen at the extremes using the 45.50 - 47 as a magnet
There it is! 1343.50, just exited the remaining contracts at 1343.75..nice little scalp
nicely done kool
6E came down hard
Originally posted by vasuki

6E came down hard

CL heading back to the 100.00 spt
I'm still trying small buys down here..thinking they want to go back up towards 1343...volume is forming a nice bell curve still....they just took out thge triples
done at structure ( bell curve)as per we buy low and sell high as usual..
gap at 41.75 now !!
Does anyone see support at 38.25?
yes then 36
Thank you that's help
I'm out, it did not cross the 200 moving avrage on a 60 mnt. chart