ES Tuesday 3-13-12

i will buy the 136875 with 4 point stop..
i will sell the 137650 with 4 point stop.

is everybody on march break?
s 87.75.will stop out at is 84.75..
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Jedi, thank you for your VOLD and ADD observations. Do you view these as a line or as candlesticks?

I like candle sticks but it doesn't really matter as you see the same things, just preferences.. The only reason I use candles is because I like to see wicks..
Making my trade to B/E...
Delta selling this and price advancing, overall a bullish sign..
bruce, what numbers were u watching up here ? thx

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s 87.75.will stop out at is 84.75..
Its SD3 on VWAP but when ADD/VOLD align, need to be careful trading against it.. Otherwise SD3/SD2 are good fades especially on range days and if they align with LV and etc.. even better..
I hate obvious reversal bars and that last 5 minute bar seems too plan is to cover runners on new highs at a loss on those if it happens and try shorts again above that high...hopefully weak hands will cover and then real down move will happen
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1400 should be next..

Sorry, the June contracts project 94-95 to be target, not 1400.. I didn't roll over on my other computer..
do u guys show vwap and PVP at 77.25 ? appoximately

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do u guys show vwap and PVP at 77.25 ? appoximately
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only small tries up here. Obvious data issues today so like a trapeze without a net and only via laptop.

Sounds like you were trading from a hammock on a beach.