ES Tuesday 3-13-12

i will buy the 136875 with 4 point stop..
i will sell the 137650 with 4 point stop.

is everybody on march break?
thanks Nick..I've been working on getting my IB data functioning with my Market delta program . thought I had it working well but It seems to be off...I'm remote and don't have my DTN up to compare..

can anyone else confirm peak volume and post a cummulative delta chart ?
bruce, fyi i just checked my ib data separately and it matches what i have in dtn-iq volume-wise
All out @76.50 like I said earlier
we filled the first of the three single prints i mentioned previously and i unloaded some runners there...the others were stopped back at b/e

82 and 85 the levels for me above here
Break of the 76.25 could target 1374 as here has form a H&S pattern.
almost stop out still holding short looking 73.75..back before i found this site i would of been stop out..thanks guys/gals for posting your thoughts..
I have 1385.75 as a resistance extension. Let's see ...
if possible i am shorting that number 85.75.
1400 should be next..
When ADD/VOLD are aligned, look for levels to be taken out...
Originally posted by BruceM

only small tries up here. Obvious data issues today so like a trapeze without a net and only via laptop.

Sounds like you were trading from a hammock on a beach.