ES Friday 3-16-12

Today is quadruple witching:

A heads-up for everyone that we're running a competition in Monday's (ES Monday 3-19-12) trading topic to win a couple of copies of Martin "Buzzy" Schwartz's book Pit Bull. I'll start the topic and post more details on Sunday 18-March.

Good trading to everyone today.
We are approaching the 261.8% projection from the 2009 initial move, target @1429.55 on continuous contract. There is some approximate confluence with the Oct 2011 low, which projects 161.8% @1425.98.
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I see we had a perfect 4pt pit bull trade. I was looking for slightly lower so I missed.
what open you have? i have the open at no -4pt
I have 99.25 as well for open so missed -4 by a tick, must be exact to use the strategy correctly?
My IB chart shows 99.5 but whats a tick
rburns good question..does a tick matter? i guess we have some research to thinking right now is that it does affect the system..i beleive bruce said it was a mechinacial giving it a tick today and not the next have change the mechinacial system into a discretionary system....anybody else got thoughts on this?
I think the Pitbull should NOT be used mechanically. With yesterdays POC at 95.50 we owe it to ourselves to take these trades...we had an air pocket at 98.25 when we hit down there so looking long was the way to go IMHO..
would it break the HOD (High of Day)? would it go to 1402.50? would it
30 minutes in a .75 point the breakouts multiple times and u will get a bigger score now..low volatility will revert to higher volatility