ES Tuesday 4-10-12

The one minute just confirmed the spike in volume in the 30 minute wasn't buyer optimisim but rather a chance to unload trapped longs. Which created a chance to trap more longs. Having said that I might buy the close this evening and sell at the open.

What do you see?
lets hope that was the last test to shake out weak longs before the run up...
taking something off at 56 and runners trying for that last 30 minute's like the world knows we need that retest..bastards!! ha!
good job bruce
as a fader who looses when we trend the only positive I can find when dealing with trends is that we KNOW that consolidations follow trends which are a faders most fertile ground. So even though it can be frustrating, there is a silver ( and sometimes gold ) linning on the other side of those trends.

that ends todays philosphical ramblings. Now if they could just go tag that 58.50 before this 30 minute bar ends that would be cool..otherwise we need to try and target a runner on the break of the current closing bars high...assuming that is the bar they will try and test the trend with
thanks Nick...I'm one of those guys who is fairly mellow in REAL life but take out all my energy and aggresion on the market....A good match...I guess it's better than beating the kids.....ha!!!

just kidding...naturally I beat my kids ....! LOL ! I guess you can tell i'm pumped by getting back that loan I gave to the market earlier ! Now we can eat around here tonight.
yep, it was a tough start but luckily it gave us chances to get back in the green

have a good night bruce and all
Nice work Bruce BTW realy appreciate your posts. Learning alot. I Just need bigger balls lol Thx
only two full 30 minute bars left....haven't seen a perfect day in a long last two runners will get stopped at 52.50...won't try any more longs if stopped out even though I don't think it will be a perfect day
I have a new vice too....not that it will replace Johnny Walker but damn those cadbury creme eggs are good !!
just closed out at 55...risk reward is way off on runners
No I don't post everyday anymore. yesterday I got lured in by JDscotts attack on Monkey meat. Participation had dried up but perhaps it will return with an increase in volatility.