Market Profile / Value Area for the Russell?

Whomever is crunching the numbers every day, tirelessly.. THANK YOU... you rock!
Any chance of getting the Russell 2000 (TF) added to that daily list... I'm figuring it up every night... lots of work and I'm realllly lazy :)

The ICE started charging $60/month for the TF data and I don't trade it so I don't subscribe to it. If they make their data free again or there's a free source for it we can add it.
BarefootHank - I have an idea.

I assume that you're currently using the Market Profile Calculator to generate these values?

Why don't you start a topic here called something like "Market Profile Values for Mini Russell TF Futures" and post the values that you've calculated to that topic. Then ask if there's anyone interested in sharing the burden of creating the values with you. Perhaps you and a few other traders can take turns in creating the values and posting them.

If you get the ball rolling I'll help distribute the word and try and get you some help.
If you have ThinkOrSwim account with $100, ICE data for TF is free.
I still think that the best option here is to get the TF traders together on a thread such as this one and take turns at posting the TF Market Profile numbers and discussing their TF trades.

As I said above I'll facilitate this and spread the word.