How do I use the Market Profile Calculator?

When i am putting MCX crude values(High - 4764.00 & low - 4665.00) in My Profile Calculator I am getting this message. :"You have less than 2 brackets entered. Please enter at least 2 or more brackets and try again".
please teach me how to get VAH/POC/VAl values here..

Hi bunty00 - I've moved your question to the Market Profile Forum and also retitled it. However after rereading it I am not sure if you want to use the Market Profile Calculator or the Pivot Point Calculator. Which one is it?

If it's the Market Profile Calculator, which is the one that you tried to use then you need to enter a series of highs and lows from the 30-minute prices during the main trading session, in this case for the MCX. It will then generate a profile for you. When you go to the calculator page you'll see sample data already filled in and you can click generate to see the profile.