ES Friday 6-15-12

Uber Witching Day for Friday. Thought I'd toss out my PASR Monkey Map Levels for the ES anyway. With all the crosscurrents in the mkt, it isn't as useful ... but's still another tool. Here's All Hours on a 30min chart. Hope some find it helpful!

Click image for original size
es 30m sr for 61512

Also, since there haven't been many posts of recent, I'm hoping this will have you (yes YOU) post your charts and analyses for coming into Friday's trading as well as during the session!

This probably is a better and more effective trading chart for FRIDAY!

Click image for original size
quadruple witching friday
Damn MonkeyM, nobody took you up on that challenge(me included, my excuse is that we had severe storms in the area and knocked out my connection for the night,AWST)I really appreciate yours and others posting on here, so informative for's hoping more of us get involved with posting in the future weeks...regards Brent.t