Market Profile Calculator Tick Sizes


I like to know what tick size to use for values of 4K. when i put more than 0.75 (eg - .75, 1.0, 1.5 etc) i get different VAH/POC/VAL values for each tick size. Which tick size is ideal for such values e.g Crude oil (MCX) is hovering around 4700-4800 prices. when i entered 2 days high low, what should be the tick size i should put?

I hope u got my point.

If you are asking what tick size you want for a Market Profile chart of Crude when it is @4700-4800 then I get your point.

The answer is: Market Profile is generated using a time based chart (not ticks) most commonly 30 minute periods. Volume Profile would be better to use on a tick based chart, as the size of the periods shouldn't matter if your charting software is handling it correctly.
I believe that Mayur is talking about the Market Profile Calculator.

Mayur: What is the smallest price (tick size) that Crude Oil can trade on MCX? You should use that as your tick size. From what I can see the tick size is Re. 1 for Crude Oil. If I am correct then that is what you should use for tick size.