ES Friday July 27th

Numbers I'm using

1370.50 -1372

1366 - 1367

1362.25 ****



1344 - 1346 ******* hopefully will have a video of this area later

1339 - 1340
last runner stopped at 82.25

that is it for me...pretty good day considering i traded 3-4 times from the short side
that was great Nick...thanks 4 that...hoping to get to a video or two later
Originally posted by NickP

this is why i was looking at this 82.5-84 zone

this weekly profile corresponds to the june contract since we had not been at the current levels (after the roll to september) up until a few minutes substract 6pts from everything u see in the chart to account for the typical sprd between contracts

so, take a look first at the rectangle highlighted in the chart....taht was an open gap from 5/3 to 5/4...i knew i did not want to sell in that area becuase we could fly all the way to the top of the gap

now, the circle shows the low volume area i was interested in, right before all that volume from that week...amazing how they rejected it almost immediatly...

hope it helps

still holding the runners with stop at 83