ES Friday July 27th

Numbers I'm using

1370.50 -1372

1366 - 1367

1362.25 ****



1344 - 1346 ******* hopefully will have a video of this area later

1339 - 1340
last try for me is from 72.50...targeting 70.25....
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"no gap fill by 9:30" ... so u get long/short at the rth open if we open above/below value and closing level ?

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data issue again but vpoc is at the overnight this is our battle point...running out of patience and want selling to take over...if we don't get rewarded soon then we all flip over to cover and add fuel to the lucky buyers

Good morning all,

I was on eof those lucky buyers! Opened above value above YRTH range and then a close outside O/N extremes. No gap fill by 9:30 I go with the gap for 3 points. (after the fact, but I hope the methodology helps someone)

Looking for that 75-76 eventually today. Stop on runner at 68.75, below that volume ledge.

Thanks as always for the great ideas and banter.

Good luck to all.

No Nick, that's 9:30 Central. Breakout of the IB on gap days, if no gap fill.
Stop at 70.0 incase this push up is the end.
got it thx...
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Stop at 70.0 incase this push up is the end.

Flat @73.0. hope it falls out for you now Bruce!
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Flat @73.0. hope it falls out for you now Bruce!

Oops, sorry.
got clipped at 74.75 and 75.50....that was a moon shot...
apparently ecb is coming out with a bazooka, next week...and that might be an understatement !

**ECB - Bloomberg article discusses "shock and awe" considerations in Europe......EFSF buys in primary market, SMP buys in secondary market, rate cuts, more LTROs.......sounds like wish list of anyone long stocks....expectations super high for 8/2
took a short from 82.5, closed at -0.5 and 83.5, off at 80.5 with runners aiming for 78.5 and 76.75-77
that was great Nick...thanks 4 that...hoping to get to a video or two later
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this is why i was looking at this 82.5-84 zone

this weekly profile corresponds to the june contract since we had not been at the current levels (after the roll to september) up until a few minutes substract 6pts from everything u see in the chart to account for the typical sprd between contracts

so, take a look first at the rectangle highlighted in the chart....taht was an open gap from 5/3 to 5/4...i knew i did not want to sell in that area becuase we could fly all the way to the top of the gap

now, the circle shows the low volume area i was interested in, right before all that volume from that week...amazing how they rejected it almost immediatly...

hope it helps

still holding the runners with stop at 83