ES Wednesday 1/Aug/2012

Light volume O/N. FOMC later today.

Good luck to all!!
Does anyone trade these fast markets?

I get great signals, but everything happens too fast for my trading style.

i did, bot 68.75 as per the chart above that shows a low volume area, (coupled with single prints) from last friday.

entry was triggered once we got in the area referenced above and cumulative delta showed a pos dvg (chart below, upper and middle panels)

hope it helps although it is after the fact
Thank you, NickP.

FOr me, a picture is worth a thousand words, and you posted 2 pictures.


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TY, those pictures were worth a thousand words.
glad it helped...tough to post when action is so fast (unless u r Bruce of course)...was in and out in less than a minute
gap in the 1m chart at 75.25
filled 3 bars later...those sometimes work as quick scalps if u get a quick signal to face the move...

Originally posted by NickP

gap in the 1m chart at 75.25
Yes, have been trading DIA options every week to every other week with great success. You can see the DIA have had an almost perfect week up, week down cycle. I agree it is a fast market but keeping an eye on turning points with pivots and Fib numbers really helps.