ES Tues 8-7-12

areas that might be interesting today


98-400, 402.75-404.25, 407.5, 409.5

below 95-95.75, 91.25-92.75, 87-88, 83.25-84.5, 78-80.5, 75

good luck
thanks Nick..I just sold the 1400 print due to single prints below...better shorts are up at 03 - 05 but not sure it will get there
is the market searching for gap fill of cash at 1405.82
SPY fill at 140.74
i have 98 as the volume magnet so far the 1403 is certainly in their range
np Bruce...short from 400 as well, my third short, first two from 98.5 and 98.75 (first one was good for an ok 1.75pt scalp with runners stopped right at b/e while second one was stopped for a tiny loss)...looking for 98ish as target for the current short
summer trade...u are either quick or dead !!..hour range here...expecting flush up and out of IB high and then we will have to wait for volume to subside..

so standing aside now....will hunt for shorts after they break IB or else once we get inside Overnight range....

but no big negative $ ticks so all is higher risk
out of patience, and out of my short at 99.5
seems like the volume thrusts are almost tied so the 1400 is building the volume if they pop it they should push up into the 1403 - 1405.....that would be a good zone for me to fade if it comes

a more nimble trader would just buy the breakout of the IB high if it comes but that's too agressive for me...
back up plan for me is to try and buy the 1398.25 if it prints...that is volume and 50% mark but needs a good signal to buy there
I'm long 98.75 but have a bad feeling they are gonna shake me out with a test below the 98 still towards the Overnight high
if this is gonna be like yesterday then they may just jerk us around between the volume at 98.25 and that 1400....hopefully today will be different

will they create a third "P" pattern in a row ? Thought the bulls would be tired up here soon

missed my exit at the 1400 print but I don't want to trade for just a 1.25 point profit..I'd like to get the break of the IB high

10 minutes till we enter the key 11- 11:30 zone
92.75 is that gap...keep it in mind for the future